Hey how you doing??

My name is Simran and I’m just a young teenage girl trying to survive in the grasp of a first world society. I live in Sydney and I want to capture the world, or as much of it as I can with my different ideas and my thoughts on the popular things trending in out community. Living in a first-world society, I want my voice heard on the funny, serious and important issues surrounding me. Strong willed and opinionated, not afraid to share what I think and too crazy for words, come read my blog and have a laugh. I want to create something where people visit, read, laugh, smile and walk away feeling like something new; a new perspective has been added.

I’ve grown up in a society that consistently undermines race and culture, regardless of the protest to create an equal society. I want to create change in the world we live in, where people are judged on everything. Its a bit far-fetched, but I aim to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics and become an Oxford scholar like many in my family did. I believe that having a dream is one thing, but chasing the hell out of that dream and actually accomplishing it is different. I aim to accomplish. xxo

I have a lot of crazy dreams and one day I aim to make those dreams a reality. I want to chase all my dreams and create my successes and prove that a young girl living in a first world can do a lot.


xxox Simran



  1. lifeconfusions · January 21, 2013

    Hey Girls, great intro…you guys are doing a great job with this blog. Keep up the good work :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog.A Fellow teenager! :)

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  3. White Pearl · January 21

    I feel so nice to bump into you girls…. Your blog is a lovely place . I would read more what you are writing very soon :) In the mean time I am following you to stay updated :) Love you xx

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