Hi world! This is Charmaine and Simran here :)

We’re two teenage girls with huge dreams and crazy ideas, living in Sydney and wanting to capture the world. We aim to think differently and provide the world with our take of the popular things trending in our community. Living in a first-world society, we want our voices heard on the funny, serious and important issues surrounding us. Strong willed and opinionated, not afraid to share what we think and too crazy for words, come read our blog and have a laugh. We want to create something where people visit, read, laugh, smile and walk away feeling like something new; a new perspective has been added.

Charmaine: I want to create a difference in the world we live in. The age we’ve grown up in labels teenagers basically as pathetic losers who let their lives revolve around Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, trashy clothing and provocative behaviour. I want to show the world that I’m not a typical teen and that my aim to get into Psychology or International Law will happen. xo

Simran: I’ve grown up in a society that consistently undermines race and culture, regardless of the protest to create an equal society. I want to create change in the world we live in, where people are judged on everything. Its a bit far-fetched, but I aim to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics and become an Oxford scholar like many in my family did. I believe that having a dream is one thing, but chasing the hell out of that dream and actually accomplishing it is different. I aim to accomplish. xxo

Follow our blog for doses of laughter, our experiences and sometimes, some serious issues that we feel affect us and the modern society we’ve grown up in :)


Charmaine and Simran


Rice and Curry :)

:) have a nice day :)

5 thoughts on “About

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  2. I feel so nice to bump into you girls…. Your blog is a lovely place . I would read more what you are writing very soon :) In the mean time I am following you to stay updated :) Love you xx

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